CrashCourse 2.0


In the past month I have taught 2 CrashCourses to my fellow students.
The CrashCourses are intended to share knowledge with each other and thus learn more skills. Skill development is taken into account here. Topics that are not offered in the normal curriculum but are of the utmost importance for professional development are discussed. Unfortunately, up till now I have only been able to offer these CrashCourses to students of different profiles within my own department, but the intention is offer them in collaboration with other faculties.

A more elaborate idea is that certain students, who would like to, are challenged to share their knowledge with a group of interested people. Because some students have a passion that other students would be interested in to know or learn more about. They can then share their knowledge and everyone could learn from each other. Furthermore, certain artists, teachers or guests can be invited to tell something about a certain subject.

In short, it is important that room for connecting with one another is offered, so that students from different faculties meet and start having conversations with each other. This way collaborations are promoted.

I immediately noticed during the CrashCourses that students enjoyed seeing each other again in an educational setting, after we were separated from each other in the beginning of the second year. There was immediate dialogue and interest. I saw what future possibilities this could hold.

Next time I will try to get FADE, FineArts and iArts to participate. A teacher from FADE has already admitted that she wants to help spread the message among students. Today I also had a conversation with someone from SAMateliers, whom I kind of invited to be a guest speaker. If that works out, I’ll be super happy, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This is how far I’ve gotten for now.