By Flora Lemmens & Hon Ning Cheung

Instar is a virtual reality experience embodying the concept of disconnection. Moving through a visual and auditive landscape, you embark on a journey of the meaning of disconnection.

Derived from the concept of an arthropod’s developmental stage, an instar represents a transitional phase between two periods of growth. Arthropods must shed their exoskeleton in order to grow or assume a new form. As humanity finds itself gradually dissolving into a parallel disconnected phase, we must “find the divinity within and emerge” (Liber Primus, p.57)

Instar serves as a meaningful reminder of the importance of connection and the challenges we face within that. As we continue to struggle with it, this project provides a starting point for further investigation and artistic practises, creating a greater appreciation for the need of interconnectedness within our human experience.

Exhibition The Beginning - Graduation Show, Maastricht NL

Discover “Instar – Research Paper (Cassette Tape)” – An immersive auditory journey of 60 minutes that delves into the concept of disconnection. Engage in a captivating conversation between artists Flora Lemmens and Hon Ning Cheung, cleverly split between side A and side B. This unique tape invites you to explore the thought-provoking research behind the “Instar” project and provides a profound experience that stands on its own. Order now and unlock a world of introspection and creativity.