Through the Dark

– A memoir –

When I look into your eyes
I see the motion of existence
The overflowing amount of inspiration
Driven by the flames lit within our hearts

We’d spent hours and hours
Wandering the castles of our thoughts
When finally
Time caught up with us

It flooded our flames
Extinguished our lust for life
Made me close my eyes
For the miracle in yours

All there’s left is
The silhouette
Of your lips
Residing in mine

A memoir
Of the taste from a pause in time
Where our flames lit a fire
Within the deepest chamber of our soul

– Nude –

Behind the mystic curtains
Hides my sacred skin
Inside the harness of social rules
Where it forever longs to be free

It is vulnerable and shy
Too afraid to be seen
By the eyes of covered people
Who fear the uncovered sight

It is afraid of itself
In its most natural form
Like many others
It shivers from its own reflection

But today I no longer
Back away
I will face myself
With all the beauty that comes with it

I will show you
That no one should be afraid
Of lifting the curtains
And disobeying the rules

Every inch of your body
Is an authentic piece of art
Worthy of being

– Blue delay –

The mirror is still showing me the same
Old assumptions of the long gone passed
Even after all those years

I’d been adding color for ages but
Every color I’d once added
Vanished before anyone could ever see it

The only things that changed
Are the things I wish didn’t
The things my fists strived to hold on to

Meanwhile my hands have become exhausted
They’ve lost sense of touch
Before turning cold

Now I paint the world blue
With my frozen fingers
Trying to delay the time that’s left



– The divine balance –



Every day we exhale deeper
We tighten the knot around our chest
To press the air from our lungs
And suffocate our soul

The divine balance of good and evil
Resides within our very own hands
It caresses our shoulders
Till they turn pale

Within our last breaths
We create a world of black and white
A world of difference and polarities
A world of right and wrong

This brush of life runs from our heart to our toes
Bleaching all the colors of our skin
Unraveling a story
Of unspoken words

Whole our bodies now look like snow
Tears of regret are held inside
While we hold the pencil of existence
That slowly diminishes the white

We paint a grim line of black
That connects the left with the right
Just to paint another one
That links the bottom with the top

We paint the vessel of our reality
To express the love we have
For what we believe in
Unity instead of separation

Holding faith within our heart
We thank you God
For giving us hope in darkness
When we can’t see the light

Be still, and know that I am God
I will be exalted among the nations
I will be exalted in the earth
Psalm 46:10

– Bursting tears –


Salty passengers form a stream
Slipping from the scary night
Into the shy morning light

With a spoon I sip them from the floor
Thinking of all the wrongs
Burning all innards except for my lungs

It has gotten me hanging upside down
Drowning within my saline sea
Please let me slip back into reality

A few breaths later the air has shrunk
Swimming within this cozy ocean deep
Where soothing waves of sand sing me to sleep

From there I sank dreamy meters down
Realising I should stay awake
These bursting tears were never mine to take

– Soothing Arms –


Sinking within my empty arms
I miss the love
I once found within yours

Arms who stole all stars from the sky
To light up my heart
From the dark and terrifying nights

Betraying heaven and moon
You took them
Just to make me smile

The moon wonders where they have gone
If they are okay
Because he misses them
Every day

– Tears of Death –

Today I remember Life
Because Death came
And it took
It took Life

It took but
Never close enough
For me to understand Death
Or to feel it

Life taught me
Death is sad
That tears are to be shown
When Death conquers

Tears of emotions
Of sadness
And pain
Falling from our faces

But all that falls from my face
Is emptiness
Signifying nothing
But Death itself

– A new beginning –

In a world
Without color
I go outside
And dig away the Earth

Down the hole
Lies a glowing heart
Of shiny sun rays
That I gently lift from the dark

Holding it against my side
I trot down the lane
Trot up the hill
Till, I reach the top

A memory of shadows
Concurring a land
Where days vanished
Changing days into nights

I grab the Sun
From my side
And hold it
Up high

My shadow
It no longer

When the Sun
Salutes us welcome
A new day