Instar – Research Paper (cassette tape)

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Discover “Instar – Research Paper (Cassette Tape)” – An immersive auditory journey of 60 minutes that delves into the concept of disconnection. Engage in a captivating conversation between artists Flora Lemmens and Hon Ning Cheung, cleverly split between side A and side B. This unique tape invites you to explore the thought-provoking research behind the “Instar” project and provides a profound experience that stands on its own. Order now and unlock a world of introspection and creativity.



Introducing “Instar – Research Paper (Cassette Tape)” – An Auditory Journey through the Research and Artists’ Dialogue on Disconnection

In a world seemingly dominated by seamless connectivity, “Instar – Research Paper (Cassette Tape)” offers a refreshingly unique perspective on disconnection, all through the medium of sound. This cassette tape serves as a companion piece to the virtual reality known as “Instar,” providing an intimate glimpse of 60 minutes in total into the project’s research and featuring a compelling dialogue between its creators, Flora Lemmens and Hon Ning Cheung.

Unveiling Research Insights:

While “Instar” immerses participants in its abstract landscapes, this cassette tape unveils the research that breathes life into the project. It’s a raw, unfiltered look at the processes and ideas that underline the exploration of disconnection.

A Conversation Unveiled:

What sets this cassette tape apart is the captivating conversation that unfolds between Flora Lemmens and Hon Ning Cheung. At first listen, it may not appear as a traditional conversation, as their voices are cleverly split between side A and side B. This unique approach challenges listeners to navigate between the two sides to piece together the dialogue, while also acknowledging the inherent disconnection that unfolds by doing so.”

Meet the Artists:

This cassette tape introduces you to the artistic minds behind “Instar.” On one side, you’ll experience the perspective and insights of Flora Lemmens. On the flip side, you’ll delve into the unique vision and contributions of Hon Ning Cheung. Together, Flora and Hon Ning create an auditive experience that reflects the very essence of disconnection.

A Sonic Puzzle:

Much like the complexities of disconnection in our modern lives, this cassette tape presents an auditory puzzle. To fully hear the original conversation between Flora and Hon Ning, listeners must switch between side A and side B, constantly flipping the narrative back and forth. Since this is nearly impossible, the listener is challenged to decide what the best way of listening is. Is it worth it to aim for total control on the tape or is it meant to be like this?  Can meaning be found within disconnection? It’s a sonic metaphor for the challenges we encounter in desiring connection.

A Tangible Expression:

This cassette tape isn’t just an auditory experience; it’s a tangible work of art that evokes nostalgia for a time when music was cherished on magnetic strips. It’s a collector’s item that encourages contemplation of disconnection, both within the virtual realm of “Instar” and our everyday experiences.

A Thoughtful Keepsake:

“Instar – Research Paper (Cassette Tape)” goes beyond being a mere recording; it’s an invitation to contemplate the disconnections we face. It sparks conversation and adds depth to the research behind the “Instar” artwork.

A Companion to “Instar”:

This cassette tape serves as a companion piece to the “Instar” virtual reality experience, providing a deeper understanding of the project’s foundations and the dialogue that enriches its narrative.

Experience the Dialogue:

Immerse yourself in the world of disconnection through the unique conversation between Flora Lemmens and Hon Ning Cheung. Engage in the metaphorical challenge of reconciling side A and side B, gaining insight into the research that supports “Instar.”

“Instar – Research Paper (Cassette Tape)” is an auditory and artistic journey. Rediscover the essence of disconnection and order your cassette tape today to embark on an adventure into the heart of “Instar.”

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